Tips For Being The Perfect Bridesmaid
March 19, 2019

Tips For Being The Perfect Bridesmaid

There is so much more to being a bridesmaid in your friend’s wedding than just the bragging rights. It is a tremendous honor to be asked to be a part of something so special. Although it comes with an abundance of responsibility, you will forever have a bond with the Bride and this particular group of ladies. From the various financial and at times, emotional expenses, to the stress of planning the perfect shower and bachelorette party, it’s no secret that being part of a bridal party can come with it’s own set of challenges. In trying to be an awesome bridesmaid, there are certain things that can help make the entire process a little less overwhelming and help keep your sanity as well. We know that you won’t take the job of being in someone’s wedding lightly, so we gathered up some tips for being the most amazing bridesmaid ever.


Last week, we talked about the real cost of being a bridesmaid. After everything is said and done, you can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred bucks to well over $2,000 to be a bridesmaid. Consider this your official warning, so don’t act surprised later when the reality of your budget starts kicking in. If you think you may be asked to be part of your bestie’s wedding, start saving as soon as possible. There is nothing worse than complaining to the Bride or fellow bridesmaids about how much different things cost.


When you find out who all the bridesmaids are, get their phone numbers, email addresses, and social connections. Start a thread with all of the girls. Not only will you all start to bond, but you can start figuring out what needs to be done and begin sharing ideas. You can also setup a shared spreadsheet that all of the bridesmaids have access to. Organize it with each bridesmaids name, contact information, a timeline of events, and their particular assignment. Yes… at times it can feel like a job.


You were asked to be a part of a very important moment for your bestie, and she expects you to do it well. Do not make this moment about you and do not mistake being a part of the wedding for running the entire wedding itself. Disagreements are bound to happen between bridesmaids, especially when you are spending a lot of time together. It shouldn’t become a competition of “Who Is the Best Bridesmaid?” There is a fine line between being take-charge and being overbearing. If you really want to impress and help the Bride, get along with everyone (even though you may have to grit your teeth) and be cooperative. Check in every now and then, not only with the Bride but also with the Maid of Honor to see if there is anything you could be helping out with.


Aside from standing by her side at her wedding, there is typically only one other mandatory thing you agree to when becoming a bridesmaid: wearing the dress. Maybe it’s not your color, an unflattering cut or style, or it’s just downright hideous. It is extremely difficult to find a dress that looks good on so many different body types. This is the one night of your adult life that you have to wear what someone else chooses for you. Do it with a smile.


And not just in some Zen mindfulness practice (although that is important!). Make sure throughout the entire wedding planning process that you are both physically and emotionally present for the Bride. Offer to go with her to try on dresses, visit venues, etc. Offer to be her wingwoman for non-wedding activities when she just needs a break. While being a bridesmaid can come with it’s own stresses, imagine what it must be like for the Bride and what she is going through with all of this! During the six or more months of planning and organizing her wedding, she will need some down time to just be herself. Be there for her, as an outlet to be herself, get her fears and stresses out. Remind yourself continuously why she chose you to be part of one of the biggest days of her life. She values you as a person, clearly, and whether it is your kind, understanding nature, or cheerful personality, or your sense of humor, there is something you that bring to her inner circle that she could really use from now and again.


We know that you have been prepping and planning and just being an awesome bridesmaid and of course you want to celebrate. You should absolutely let loose and have fun, it’s a celebration after all! Just don’t drink to the point of being sloppy, and this goes for the bridal shower and bachelorette party too. If you’re inebriated you can’t very well be entirely there for anything the Bride may need.


The best way to make sure everything goes smoothly is to minimize the amount of things that could go wrong. Have a wedding day emergency kit ready on hand filled with deodorant, sewing kit, toupee tape, antacid, mints, and other essentials she may need for the day. Plan out and consider how you would handle certain emergency situations, such as last minute anxiety, lost or forgotten items, the uncertain Cincinnati forecast, etc.

Agreeing to be a big part of someone’s wedding day is a great honor that should not be taken lightly. While it comes with plenty of responsibility, time commitments, expenses, and stressful situations, try to remember this one important detail: the best thing you can do, for yourself and for the Bride, is to remember what and why you are celebrating in the first place.

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