The Real Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid
March 12, 2019

The Real Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid

Here’s a hint: it’s not cheap. Getting to be a bridesmaid is a big deal all around. It is a tremendous honor to stand beside one of your best friends as she marries the love of her life, but it is also a big responsibility with quite a few expenses involved. It can be tough to be asked to pay for certain parts of the wedding experience, and at times it can get awkward when your expectations aren’t in line with the Bride’s.

Whether it’s paying for the bridesmaid dress or coordinating the bridal shower and bachelorette party, get to know what is expected of you and the rest of your Bride’s crew and all costs associated with your commitment. Finances and budgets are never easy to talk about, so, to get the conversation started, here are some tips to what the Bride and her bridesmaids are typically expected to pay for.


Travel and Hotel
How you get to the wedding and where to stay is typically your responsibility. You can look into negotiating a group rate with most air carriers, and for the most part, the Bride and Groom help out by reserving blocks of hotel rooms so that the prices are discounted. If you want to be more budget conscience, consider looking into sharing a hotel room with another bridesmaid.

Wedding Attire
The bridesmaid dress, shoes and accessories (including jewelry) are part of the cost of being in the wedding party.

Bridal Shower
The maid of honor and bridesmaids are typically expected to pay for the bridal shower or at least a portion if a family member is co-hosting the shower. The responsiblilites and cost of the bridal shower – from the d├ęcor and activities to the food, beverages and dessert will fall upon on the bridesmaids.

Bachelorette Party
Another part of being a bridesmaid is planning, hosting, and attending the bachelorette party. Bridesmaids should expect to pay for travel, food and gifts for the Bride’s last outing as a single lady.



Hair and Makeup
This one is always for the debate, in recent years many Brides want their bridesmaid’s hair and makeup to be professionally done. Professional hair and makeup should be presented as an option for the bridesmaids but not mandatory. If the Bride requires professional hair and makeup, then the Bride should be picking up the tab for those services.

The Flowers
Bridesmaid bouquets and other floral pieces such as corsages are expected to covered by the Bride and her family.

Wedding Day Transportation
Traditionally, the Bride and her family are responsible for coordinating and covering wedding day transportation (to and from the hotel, photo locations, the ceremony, and reception) for the wedding party. The bridesmaids shouldn’t have to worry about day-of transportation affecting their budget.

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